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When would you need to replace the replacement mask?

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Personal protection products refers to the personal protective equipment provided to protect workers from accidents and occupational hazards in the labor production process, which directly protects the human body; the opposite is industrial protective equipment, which is indirect Play a protective effect on the human body. Due to the current impact of the virus, many people need to get masks when going out, but masks cannot be worn often. So when do you need to replace the masks, let us take a look?

This is the content list:

l Mask replacement

l Precautions

Mask replacement

If our masks, personal protective equipment, are contaminated, such as blood stains or droplets and other foreign objects, they need to be replaced. The user feels that the breathing resistance increases and needs to be replaced. Masks, personal protective equipment, need to be replaced when damaged or contaminated with pollutants.

Dust-proof filter cotton, when the mask is in good contact with the user's face when the user feels that the breathing resistance is great, it means that the filter cotton is already covered with dust particles and should be replaced with a new one. The anti-virus filter box, when the mask is in good contact with the user's door when the user smells toxic substances, it is time to replace it with a new one. Ordinary masks, personal protective equipment, need to be cleaned after wearing for about 2 hours. Before cleaning, they need to be soaked in boiling water for 5 to 8 minutes. Activated carbon masks can generally be used for 2 days and n95 can be used for one week. If you don't wear it for a while, it's better to wear it again after cleaning. The guidelines are clear that all medical-standard protective masks have an expiration date, and the personal protective equipment of the mask is exclusively dedicated to personnel and cannot be used interchangeably between personnel. High-risk personnel needs to replace their protective devices after they finish work, eat halfway through (drinking), go to the toilet, etc., and then re-enter. Higher-risk personnel needs to be replaced after receiving a highly suspected patient. Masks worn by persons exposed to other risk categories can be used repeatedly. Wash your hands according to the procedure before wearing the mask, and avoid touching the inside of the mask when wearing it. Masks, personal protective equipment, need to be replaced in time when they are dirty, deformed, damaged, or smelly.


Masks and masks, personal protective equipment, are generally updated after cleaning 3 to 7 times, and masks of particularly good quality can be cleaned 10 times.

Medical standard protective masks cannot be cleaned, nor can they be disinfected with disinfectants, heating, etc. The cleaning of self-priming filter respirators (full-face or half-face) and powered air filter respirators should be carried out according to the instructions. Cotton gauze masks can be cleaned and disinfected, and other non-medical masks should be handled according to the instructions.

Our facial maskes are all from our brother company Zhangjiagang 56 Friends Masks Co., Ltd. who is a company dedicated to the production of facial masks and protection gloves , with good quality, CE/FDA/ISO certification, and a strict quality control system throughout the entire production process.

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