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The Inventor And The Feature of Casket Lowering Device

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Inventor of the Casket Lowering Device.

Albert Richardson was one of those rare inventors who not only created numerous devices, but created devices that were completely unrelated to one another.

In 1894, Richardson saw a problem with the way the bodies of dead people were buried. It was common at that time to simply bury bodies in small, shallow graves or to try to lower their caskets with ropes into a deeper hole. Unfortunately, this required several people to work in unison to ensure that the casket was lowered evenly. Failure to do so could cause the casket to slip out of one of the ropes and to be damaged from hitting the ground. On November 13, 1894, Richardson patented the casket lowering device which consisted of a series of pulleys and ropes or cloths which ensured uniformity in the lowering process. This invention was very significant at that time and is used in all cemeteries today.

Normally now the casket lowering devices are made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy,It can keep the products durable durability, reliability and longevity of operation.It can keep the products with a good-looking and prolong the service life of the casket lowering device.

Technical Features:

1) Made of stainess steel,the unit telescopes from 62" x 25" to 94" x 38" for easy handling;

2) Gears are large and tested to bear loads in excess of demand;

3) A unique braking system provides a constant, steady lowering speed;

4) Ball bearings throughout for noiseless, smooth and fully automatic operation;

5) Castings are of non-corrosive aluminum and easy access to all internal working parts.


Material: Stainless Steel and Aluminum Alloy

Telescopes from 62" x 25" to 94" x 38"

Straps: 21' long, each tested to 400 lbs.

Load Bearing: 900 Lb capacity.

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