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The difference between Funeral Stretcher and ordinary stretcher

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What is the function of funeral stretcher?

The funeral stretcher is a indispensable tool mainly used in the funeral industry for transporting coffins, as well as human remains. It is widely used for the transportation of the coffin between the place of death or the hospital and the funeral home. It plays an essential role in funeral supplies.

The main difference between a funeral stretcher and an ordinary stretcher

As in our product list, you may find many kinds of stretchers, now we will show you some cases for clarification. For example, if a patient faints at home, the patient must be taken downstairs and put in a car to take him to the hospital. Under this condition, we need use an Ambulance Stretcher. There are also some people because of fighting or other injuries, if the injured person is moved at random or is taken to the hospital when the posture is wrong, it is likely to cause a second injury to the injured person. We must use like PE stretcher, head immobilize, cervical collar ect to fix the patient firstly. But all these items are not a suitable stretcher in funerals.

In Geneva Convention, to solve the problems such as the universal interchange of stretchers, the main dimensions and weight standards of stretchers are stipulated uniformly. The specified dimensions of the stretcher are 2215 mm long, 550 mm wide, 160 mm high, and 10 kg weight. However, there is no standard for civil stretchers in China, but most of the stretchers produced by factories affiliated with the Ministry of Health are 1900 mm long, 535 mm wide, and 170 mm high.

While funeral stretchers are Funeral Products used for transporting coffins, it comes in various sizes and types. It's mainly used to transport coffins, not patients. The design focused more on the convenience of transporting the large coffins, rather than ensuring secondary damage to the patients, resulting in a significant difference in emphasis and shape.

The application of funeral products and funeral stretchers is a rare but indispensable part of the funeral system. We should learn to choose and use a funeral stretcher. Suzhou Medton International Trade Co., Ltd. with its own mother company who is a medical equipment manufacturing company specializing in the production of all kinds of stretchers and can customize different kinds of stretcher products according to customer requirements.

If you want to know more about funeral stretcher as well as our other products, you can contact us at any time.Please contact us on +86-0512-58550999 or +86-189-6227-0003. We look forward to working with you!

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