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09 - 02
The Introduction of Ambulance Stretcher
The Professional Folding Ambulance Stretcher is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and foam cushion, Professional Folding Ambulance Stretcher is used as a tool for ambulances, hospitals, battlefields, and gymnasiums to transport the wounded and sick.Features:Made of high quality aluminum alloy. The structure is light and flexible.Foam cushions are used to make the wounded and sick lie comfortably.There are telescopic handles at both ends for easy lifting of the stretcher.Professional Folding Ambulance Stretcher adopts a low frame structure, which can move on the ground and lift up to walk.Ambulance stretcher is an important equipment for emergency rescue, Professional Folding Ambulance Stretcher can effectively transfer the injured so that rescuers can provide better ambulance services. An ambulance stretcher is a special stretcher that can be used to rescue the injured and transfer them to an ambulance.
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16 - 12
How to use the ambulance stretcher cart correctly?
Emergency Trolley Stretcher For Ambulance Car have changed dramatically over the past 40 years. Until the late 60s of the 20th century, the main task of ambulances was simply to transport people from the scene of an accident to the hospital as quickly as possible. The interior of the car is very narrow, with only some very basic First Aid Equipment. Since then, however, High Quality Ambulance Stretcher and Emergency Stretcher For Rescue have changed. So, how to use an Emergency Stretcher For Rescuestretcher cart correctly?
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