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How to use the ambulance stretcher cart correctly?

Emergency Trolley Stretcher For Ambulance Car have changed dramatically over the past 40 years. Until the late 60s of the 20th century, the main task of ambulances was simply to transport people from the scene of an accident to the hospital as quickly as possible. The interior of the car is very narrow, with only some very basic First Aid Equipment. Since then, however, High Quality Ambulance Stretcher and Emergency Stretcher For Rescue have changed. So, how to use an Emergency Stretcher For Rescuestretcher cart correctly?

Correct use of Emergency Stretcher For Rescue:

1. The sponge pad  Emergency Trolley Stretcher For Ambulance Car is used to make the patient transport comfortable, and the patient is carried on the stretcher and transported by ambulance.

2. If the Emergency Trolley Stretcher For Ambulance Car needs to raise the head, press the button under the head of the stretcher to lift up.

3. When the patient is transported to the ward or destination, pull out the handle and lift it down.

4. The  Emergency Trolley Stretcher For Ambulance Car surface barrier adopts a rotary elastic locking device, which is turned over to ensure the safety of patients, and the safety belt is used if necessary; Climb down the guardrail, and the patient can easily get up and down.

5. When the patient needs infusion, one end of the  Emergency Trolley Stretcher For Ambulance Car surface can be inserted into the infusion frame.

Emergency Trolley Stretcher For Ambulance Car of application:

It is suitable for transporting the wounded and sick in ambulances, hospitals, battlefields, gymnasiums, and can also be used for general surgery.


1. When transporting patients, be sure to turn the guardrail up to ensure safety.

2. When doing general surgery, do not cut the stretcher surface.


1. Keep it clean and tidy (including disinfection) frequently.

2. Frequently check whether there are loose parts.

3. It is forbidden to stand upside down during storage and transportation, and stack it according to the packing box at the same time.

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